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A digital History Project

OurYHS is an ongoing digital history of the York House community.

Check the timeline to see what happened in the 1940s. Watch our alumnae talk about what it was like being boarders in the 1950s. Remember what our uniforms looked like in the 1960s. Find out about our first Head of School, Mrs. Clarke. Discover what our Head Girls have been doing, and more...

Use the share and search functions to explore, learn and connect. We're making history sharing our history. Take a look and see for yourself.

Lena Opening
Academic achievement the main priority
"It is for each of you individually to shape your school career that you
do honour to yourselves and to York House.” Don’t you love the hat?
Opening – Clare Harris
Brought a Worldly View
She added the words of Gandhi, Eliot and Jung and her writings to
morning prayers.
Opening- Clare McDougall
Learning Comes First
“It isn’t how much they know, but how much they
care about learning.”
Opening-Peter Tacon
Spirit of the 60's
It was the ’60s, the days of revolution, when for a brief time
students had equal status to staff.
Opening- Brian Peet
A family atmosphere
“… not just the sentimental aspects of a family, but also the rules and
Opening – Rouvier Ritson
Academic excellence
Mrs. Ritson’s top priority was a high standard of education.
Opening – Wendy Warburton
Introduced a new coat of arms and flag
Who doesn’t recognize that deer!
Opening – Gail Ruddy
Puts the girls first
“Gail seized this mission and made it happen. The girls are her priority: I often say she’s the mother of 600 girls.”
Gail introduced the School’s tagline, Where She Excels.